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Faculty & Staff

Diane Cline: Director & Conductor

Diane is a firm believer in the ability of music to positively impact lives and communities. Diane plays violin and fiddle and currently performs with the Longwood Symphony, the North Shore Symphony, Project Soul and Exile on Elm Street. In her free time, Diane enjoys traveling, studying romance languages, and spending time outdoors. Check out Diane's full bio here.

David Palombo:  Conductor & Violin Faculty

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, David Palombo is a passionate music educator, violinist, and violist who enjoys traveling around the world, learning new languages, and studying diverse musical cultures.  David also likes to explore rocky beaches, lush forests, and mountains on scenic hikes around New England. Check out David's full bio here.

Sonya White Hope: Violin Faculty

Sonya White Hope has been teaching strings and related music courses in the Boston area for over 30 years. In addition to her performing and teaching obligations, Mrs. White Hope is currently completing her music education doctorate at Boston University. When she isn’t performing or teaching Mrs. White Hope loves swimming and biking. Check out Sonya's full bio here.

Ludovica Burtone: Violin Faculty

A native of Udine, Italy, Ludovica is a professional violinist based in the Boston area. She enjoys playing, composing and arranging music but also riding her bike, reading, cooking delicious vegetarian food and traveling. Read Ludovica's full bio here.

Claudia Garcia: Bass Faculty 

Hailing from Colombia, Claudia is an engaging and versatile performer.  When not performing on double bass, Claudia can be found performing the traditional Colombian instrument, the tiple. Read Claudia's full bio here.

Silas de Oliveira: Cello Faculty

Hailing from Brazil, Silas is an active cello teacher and performer in the greater Boston area.  When he is not educating New England's youth or traveling with his cello, Silas enjoys skydiving and playing tennis. Read Silas' full bio here.