orchestra. singing. movement. homework. field trips.                                               concerts. intensive. every day. after school. transformative. 

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Core Values

El Sistema Somerville aims to instill essential life skills through ensemble and music instruction with caring teachers and mentors.  
These skills are informed by our five core values:


Children will enhance cooperation and teamwork skills, such as encouraging a friend, helping another students get ready or pack up, sharing with others, and helping each other learn.  In an orchestra setting, all musicians maintain the same goal: to make beautiful music as a team.


Students will better understand the importance of commitment and responsibility by arriving on time for concerts, informing a teacher if they will be late or absent, being prepared for rehearsals, and practicing their instruments.  Perhaps most importantly, they will also learn to never give up, even when things get tough!


Respect, awareness and self-control will be promoted through the performance and study of music within a group setting. Students will learn to act with poise and self-restraint; listen attentively when music is being performed by others; and treat themselves, others, and their instruments with care.


The qualities of being a good listener and utilizing non-violent communication are vital.  Students will learn to use words rather than physical actions, and to listen without interrupting.  They will also develop their ability to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas in a calm and confident manner.  


El Sistema Somerville is a community who cherishes the importance of possessing compassion and caring for the needs and feelings of others.  Children will enhance their capabilities of being sensitive to how their actions affect others, celebrating with others during joyful times or comforting others during times of sadness, and helping others to feel safe, secure and satisfied.